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Forever Access—Legal Definition and Limitations

Forever Access means that as long as Scrapper’s Guide, LLC owns and operates QwikLearn.com you will have online access to all purchased classes and to Premier issues purchased from January 2014 through December 2016.¬†Your access is more fully explained in our Terms of Use.

As the name suggests we want to provide you the most extensive access to classes and Premier issues as we can. However, there may be some practical limits to the access we can provide. For example, if QwikLearn.com changes ownership or ceases operation, Forever Access may become more limited or be discontinued.

Scrapper’s Guide, LLC will attempt to notify members of any change that affects Forever Access using the currently registered email address in the member’s area. Members are responsible to keep their email address current and to regularly check their email from the company. Be aware if you unsubscribe from our email list and don’t regularly check these terms of use we will not be able to keep you up to date about important changes to your Forever Access materials.

In the event of a change in ownership or discontinuation of operations Forever Access Members will have ninety (90) days from the date of the email notification to download any videos or products from their classes or from Premier issues. After that time, all Forever Access content may be limited or removed and further access to the classes and Premier issues may be discontinued. We encourage Forever Access Members to regularly download and back up classes and Premier issues that are important to them on their own computers or media to avoid any interruption of access to products.

Providing notification and the opportunity to download classes or Premier issues comprises the sole responsibility of Scrapper’s Guide, LLC and its agents, members, or employees for Forever Access products.