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    Question Dragging items from photo bin

    when doing a page, I drag items directly from the photo bin onto my layout. Before PSE 14, if you highlighted a layer in the Layers Palette and then dragged an item from the photo bin it landed on top of the highlighted layer. In PSE 14 that does not happen. I am pretty sure I read somewhere if you hold down a certain key when dragging it will land on top of the highlighted layer. I have tried holding down both the shift and ctrl keys and even both of them together, but nothing works. Could someone refresh my memory!! Thanks!!
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    I've found that if you drag the photo on top of the layer on which you want it to land it will place it appropriately. For example, if you want the photo to be on top of an element, drag it on top of that element, then release the mouse button.
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    Yes, that's what you have to do in the newer versions—

    • Drag from the Photo Bin over an object on your layout and let go of your mouse.
    • The new layer lands above that object in the Layers panel regardless of which layer is active in the Layers panel.
    • BUT on your document, the layer still lands in the middle of the document.

    I know that's confusing, but if you keep this in mind it should help.
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    So thankful for this tip. It has been driving me CRAZY!!! My blood pressure is normal now!
    Jessie Trotter
    PSE 15, Windows 8.1, IE 11

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