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    I have been using PSE 11 and just decided to purchase PSE 15. Before it arrives, I thought I would ask for feedback. Will I be able to keep PSE 11 as it is on my computer or will PSE 15 over-ride it or mess it up? Will I have to uninstall PSE 11? I don't know what to expect as I have never upgraded from PSE 11.

    Nervous and needing some reassurance. I do know to register the new version with Adobe.


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    Nope you don't need to uninstall. Many of us have several versions. We also have Photoshop, several versions and Lightroom. Some people like to keep several versions because they like the way one version does something better than another. Some people like to keep older versions on to help others. Some people, just never get around to uninstalling. It's actually a good idea NOT to uninstall the older one for a while, in case you run into issues with the new one.

    Yup, always register. If you want to start playing with 15, you can download a trial now...and then when it's up, just enter the serial number you will be getting with your boxed version.

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