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    I design a new card and print out 60-80 copies once every week for our church card ministry program. We send the cards to shut-ins, those with cancer or other serious diseases, those in nursing homes, etc. - people desperately needing encouragement and something to brighten up their day.
    For the past eight years, I have used a Dell laser printer to produce these cards, and it has done a superb job printing on 80 pound card stock. Unfortunately, my old workhorse printer is past its prime and I now find it necessary to replace it.
    I have spent hours and hours on the Internet, spoken to Dell reps (whenever I can find one I can understand and make them understand me - if you know what I mean), my local paper company, several IT guys, who know a lot about computers, but keep telling me I can't print 80 pound card stock on a laser printer, and pretty much anyone who will listen.
    I need a printer that will print to the edges with good color on photos and collages made with many layers. I cannot imagine printing 60-80 cards on an inkjet printer and then having to wait for the ink to dry before I can print the other side of the card. Of course, I'd also like to be able to print the cards for less than a dollar each, which I am doing now.
    I have looked on this forum for a thread from someone who might have some experience in printing large batches of cards in full color who could give me some advice on a printer that will meet my needs, but haven't found them yet. I would so much appreciate a suggestion on where to find someone who can help me find a new printer that will keep the cards rolling out for our recipients so that our wonderful card program doesn't crash and burn. Thanks so much for anyone who can help me out!

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    I do not have experience in printing that many cards each week so my thoughts should be taken w/ a grain of salt.

    I do print a lot of cards, however, on either one of my inkjet canon printers.

    I never wait for anything to dry in order to print the back side. I do print on Matte Photo paper so that may be why I don't have to wait - there's no gloss finish. So if you're printing to good card stock paper, you may not need to worry about it being an inkjet.

    I have zero experience w/ a color laser printer. I'm sure they are cool! I'm sorry I don't have more to offer as far as advice goes but I hope you find a new printer that fits all of your needs.
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    My suggestion is go to a home office supply company, like Staples, and ask questions. You could also call brand names, like HP, and inquire about their printers.
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