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    When I upgraded to PSE15 it was suggested that I change my resolution too 1024x768. My Windows 10 suggests 1600x900. What is the difference? Which is better? (I recently went to upload some digital pages and was told the photos would not be clear so I printed them, on my computer. Is this because of the resolution?)
    Dianne Stephan
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    That is just your screen resolution. That's not your printer resoltuion.

    The 1600x900 means you'd have 1600 pixels across, 900 pixels high. 1024 x 768 means 1024 pixels across, 768 high. The larger numbers will probably give you tinier text on your screen. Windows 10 is probably saying your screen supports 1600x900. But, you should be able to set it at 1024 x 768.

    For printing, you want to go to Image->Image Size and make sure the PPI is set to 300. This will give you the clearest pictures.
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    Thank you Trish.
    Dianne Stephan
    Elements 15
    Windows 10

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