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    I am making a photo book in Shutterfly and have some elements from a kit I would like to use. The elements are in png format and Shutterfly only uses jpeg format. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to use an element from a kit that is in png on my photo book? I don't want the white background of the png on the photo book. Thank you.

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    Place your png on whatever you want it on before uploading to Shutterfly. What I mean is - if you want a frame on a photo - place it on the photo - save it as a jpg - then upload the jpg. Of course this means the frame is a permanent part of the photo.

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    jpeg does not support a transparent background. I don't know of any way to use elements with a transparent background in Shutterfly unless you use their book templates. For my photobooks I upload digital scrapbook pages that I have created.
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