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  1. Default Removing fencing from a photo

    Can anybody help?
    On a recent visit to Longleat Safari Park I took a picture of a Lion.
    The picture (I think) has turned out okay, but the lion is behind a chain link fence, which spoils the picture.
    Is there anyway I can remove the fencing, leaving the Lion's picture intact.

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    Hi ...

    Oh now that is a difficult one ... apart from carefully cloning it away I can't think of anything else you can do.

    We went to Longleat last year and had a great time

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  3. Default removing fence

    Hi there,
    I also had to remove some fencing and I used both methods, the cloning and some of it I removed with the paintbrush. You take the eyedropper, and take the color of the surrounding area around each fence post. There might be color variations so you have to repeat the steps more than once, I guess. And then adjust the brush size to the size of the fence and brush the fence away. I have also adjusted my opacity so that it blends in a little more and it worked perfectly.

    Cloning might be better though if you have a wire fence and not a wooden picket fence.


  4. Default Link to Photoshop

    wow, Heather, what a great website. I kept reading on and on, even though I am not using Photoshop, but PSE 5. But it's more or less the same and it really does explain it all. Thank you for posting it. One can never have enough of all those tips. The problem is 'to remember it all'. Thank goodness, I have Linda's CD even though I haven't checked it out yet. I keep adding things to my Help section, but seem to be scrapping and doing things and not finding time to study it all.


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