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    Default Books to Help you get Started with Elements

    There are quite a few great books for learning Elements. In this thread, let's share some of these favorites.

    Here's one of mine: MASTER VISUALLY Photoshop Elements (3) for Digital Photographers by Laurie Ulrich-Fuller. ISBN #0-7645-7878-2 It is published by Visual.

    Tell us about one that's been helpful to you.
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    Honestly? I use the Scrappers Guide videos for most of my learning. I love how-to books, so it will be interesting to see which titles have helped scrappers learn. But I have learned so much from the Scrappers Guide it's amazing. I know that sounds like a shameless plug ... but I'm sincere!!! I recommend it whenever I can.
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    Karen Aicken
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    Thanks for the plug, Karen! I've used a combination of videos and books to learn. My FAVORITE Photoshop and Elements author, hands down, is Scott Kelby! His books aren't necessarily scrapbooking techniques, but many of his tutorials can be applied to scrapbooking.
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    Default Deke's Book

    Hello Ladies-Great to meet here! Linda's CD's are the best I have seen for scrapping and are also excellent for learning Photoshop Elements. I use them for all of my scrapbooking classes! I have used Scott Kelby's books to teach Photoshop and Elements and find them very rich with techniques. I am currently teaching from Deke McClelland's Photoshop Elements 4.0, One on One and like it very much. It comes with a DVD full of very informative, high quality videos and lesson files to use with the book. Thanks for the forum Linda---
    Jacki S

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    Hi, I'm just learning PSE4 and have gained so much knowledge from Linda's Volumes 1 & 2. I still have a long way to go but I feel confident that I will get there. When I hear tips or techniques from other people, or sites, that sound good to me, I print them out and put them in my PSE4 binder I made. When I feel a little more knowledgeable I'll check out some of the books mentioned here.

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    the books I use are scrapbooking with photoshop elements by Lynette Kent and digital scrapbooking by Sally Beacham and Lori J Davis with free CD - they have been wonderful for a beginner like me

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    Just Jan Guest


    Scrapper's Guide and Scott Kelby are my two favourites.

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    Default Linda's the best!

    Don't we all know Linda is the best?! Anything having to do with Linda is top of the line and so detailed and I love that it's PSE for scrappers. Ok, ok, ok!!! That's my take on anyway!! I love Linda's "STUFF"! Can you tell?

    Another favorite is Digital Scrapbook Magazine!

  9. Default Scrappers Guide CD

    Last night in 5 mins. I did a layout on computer that would take my friend about 3 hours to do with paper she's hooked. After I showed her the movies you watch to learn she was sold on the spot. Once her computer is back tomorrow, she's using mine right now she plans on ordering both CD's. Now I just have to explain to her the difference in the computer hardware/software she needs if buys a new one or upgrades. I like to read and watch but she doesn't so I guess the watching is perfect for her. Can't remember book I had as I lent it out but wasn't as clear or indepth as Linda's CD is. Plus I have it right here at my desk and can find in 10 seconds or less to refresh easily so honestly the movies do work best for me.

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    Lynncat Guest

    Default PSE book

    I just bought a couple of books to help me, the one that looks like it might be the best is Adobe Photoshop Elements 4 Classroom in a Book. Friends have told me that it's a great book.

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