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    I like Scot Kelby's book and have ordered his latest on taking better photographs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kay View Post
    Hi- I have the Scott Kelby book, and I also have Barbara Brundage's The Missing Manual. I've also spent a lot of time at the Photoshop Elements Technique site!
    i like being able to hold a book in my lap and follow along step by step. i've found Scott Kelby's book to be the most valuable in learning Photoshope Elements.

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    Default agree - Kelby's book is great

    For a beginner, Kelby's book is great...he provides step by step instructions in each section.

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    Default New To Scrapping

    I was so excited when I read your email about the differernt forums (and videos coming soon). I will have tons on questions, I hope they don't aggrivate anyone. Digi scrapping is difficult for me and easy for you all, so my questions will probably be simple minded. But I'm ready to take that chance.

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    I've been using "Digital Designs" by Renee Pearson. It's fairly easy to use and has great detail pictures! It comes with a DVD you can use to follow along with each lesson presented and also has great papers and templates you can use for your own scrapbook designs. But of course, Linda's training material is by far the best!

  6. Default the Unofficial Guide

    I recently purchased PSE 4 (thank you Linda for the tip about the free upgrade!) and bought the Unofficial Guide to Photoshop Elements 4 by Donna L. Baker. It's very similar to the Dummies books, but a more reasonable price - $18.99 USD. It's been very helpful.

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    Default Linda's videos are awesome!

    I have books by Scott Kelby and Photoshop Elements 3 Unleashed by Deke McCelland and these are very good, but, Linda Videos one and two are the ones that I most highly recommend for digital scrapbooking.
    Also, the fact that each lesson is followed up with PDF instructions makes for a perfect reference to follow along with each lesson. An excellent value!
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    I'm with those who LOVE Linda's CD. I'm still a beginier, in CD 1, but without it I would have given up. I tried for almost a year. The books I picked up all assumed you knew how to begin. (& I'm a good 'book learner'). I even took a class, supposedly for beginners, where she began with "take one of your digital papers". I spent the rest of the class trying to figure out how to get a digi paper. I love how Linda breaks it down into 1 skill at a time. I've been doing a new LO with each mini lesson. So, have done about a dozen papges so far. Even being so limited yet, friends are super impressed and love their copies. Thanks again, Llinda!

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    I like any book by Scott Kelby, and Barbara Brundage. I also gain a lot of information reading the threads in the forums. Linda's CD's are next!
    It usually takes me twice as long as others,(maybe more ) to get it .

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    My absolute favorite - must have book - is Digital Scrapbooking in Easy Steps - published by Barnes and Noble pubishing - available on the Barnes & Noble site and in the store. It's the best $10 I ever spent.

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