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    I've searched and searched and cannot find someplace that will print calendars 8 1/2" x 11". Why would people make actions to make calendars if you can't get them printed. I found places that print all other sizes.

    Do any of you have your 8 1/2" x 11 calendars printed somewhere? If so, where please?

    Thanks and hugs,

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    Scrapbooks to share will print them. I have made a Calendar two years in a roll for our health department with a public health theme: Nutrition, Fitness, Diabetes, Immunizations, Handwashing, Smoking cessation, Heart Month, Breast Cancer, Recycling, Sun Safety, Asthma Awareness Month, Breastfeeding, Food safety, Dental health, Healthy recipes, and more.

    I know its a different spin on things than doing family pictures but it still is the same concept. I did have to resize my templates which were exactly (8.5x11) to 8.75x11.25 before uploading to them. (This allows 1/8 inch all the way around for a full bleed in professional printing.)

    This company is getting ready to print our 2010 calendar too. Her husband owns a printing company down the road called minute man press. They also did our Annual reports as well. Great customer service. They have done a phenomenol job and believe me I am picky when it comes to printing.

    Google Scrapbooks to Share. They are in Boca Raton, Florida
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    your local office supplies / printing store will too, try Kinkos, Staples...
    Liz / Calgary

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