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    Thanks for your answer Shar. I am going to try both suggestions -- talking to the folks at Costco and checking out Persnickety.
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    Do they print on both sides of the paper? I usually print my own but know these would be nicer I'm sure
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    I don't know if they print on two sides. Never thought to do that, so I haven't inquired. They are very quick to answer your questions though, so you should go right to their site and ask.
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    I do alot of printing at my Costco. I love the prints and one hour to me is awesome. The girls up there know me now.

    Sometimes if I think a picture might print too dark I print it really small just to check and see if I am going to need to lighten it up. 4x6 is only .13 cents each. For bigger projects like when I did an individual 16x20's for each of the Senior Swim team boys, I printed it as an 8x10 first to check my colors. Then enlarged them to 16x20 took them up and had them laminated to hang at the pool for Senior Recognition Night. Everyone loved them.

    I think it would help me tremendously if I would calibrate my monitor.


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    I have had pages printed at Persnickety and they have turned out fantastic. I only had one problem once where they printed out two of the same page I requested, their error, and they graciously offered me a free print of another page. They are super easy to work with. The pages may be a tad darker than what you see on your monitor, but really not enough to worry. I liked the fact that they print so well and ship so fast. Also, when I'm just printing pages that I can slip into a 12x12 album with sleeves, they are definitely the cheapest and best quality. I usually use Shutterfly to print my hardback books, but recently Persnickety has offered a way to print your own pages in their books. I think I might try one to see how well it turns out. Hope this helps
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    I have printed several photobooks at PaperKiwi. It is the recommended site with links & frequent discounts for printing photobooks & ScrappingSimply for individual pages at another top rated digiscrapping site. Jan check it out. Rex at PaperKiwi is fantastic. I met him at a digiscrapping convention last Oct. & he seems to love what he is doing.You could call him(1-801-224-0006) & talk to him about his products etc.
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    I've wanted to try Persnickety Prints because, well, I am so persnickety when it comes to the qualifty of my digital scrapbook pages. My only reluctance to use their photo book printing services is that, if I understand correctly, they only allow something like 20 pages (if a photo book). And they're the type that fit within plastic sleeves, rather than double-sided pages. If I used that type of album, I'd have huge encyclopedia britannica-sized albums for each year. The mere weight alone would probably cause anyone holding it to collapse. The smaller album would be fine for a single event ( birthday, vacation, etc.), but not for an album focusing on an entire year of family fun.

    Has anyone used them for printing two-sided photo pages with more than 20 pages? I can't find where that's possible. I know I've read the owner's comments that two-sided prints don't have the optimal color quality and how she prefers inserting single pages into the archival plastic sleeves, but that, unfortunately, doesn't fit my storage and weight limitations. Can anyone shed any add'l light on this? I don't find their website particularly easy to find help.

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    I just discovered that Persnickety Prints does, in fact, offer photo books that can be more than 20 pages. Those are outsourced outside their company, although according to the gentleman who explained this to me, Persnickety Prints still guarantees the quality. So I stand corrected. I'm defintely going to give them a try because I've not been as pleased with the recent printing quality at Shutterfly. (Even though Shutterfly has a wonderful satisfaction guarantee, it's a hassle to return products that haven't been printed properly, i.e., uneven borders, etc.)
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