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    Default The Fountain of Fonts!

    Since fonts and building our font libraries is a ton of fun...let's get a thread rolling on where to find the free (and the commercial) fonts. There are a BUNCH of them out there to share.

    A huge one--to start us off is Da

    Which font sites do you visit and like? And in your reply--how about telling us which font you find you use the most.

    I use Liorah BT a lot, Douglas Hand, and a purchased one Ministry Script.
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    Hi Priss,

    Can you give me a link for Liorah BT. I'd like to check it out but can't find a site with it. Thanks.

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    Thanks for the Da Font link. Found several that will be perfect for a current project. Especially liked Black Jack.

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    there is a magazine available to purchase called Scrapbook Answers, included with their publication is a CD that includes many "free" fonts to download, as well as many background papers. It is a wonderful magazine-well worth the cost!

  6. Default Font Manager

    Priss, could you talk a little bit about what you use to organize your fonts, ie: The Font Thing, etc. I started using it, but Im not very good at it (need to work on learning it better).

    Hugs, Jo

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    Maneater Guest

    Default Fonts Group

    Hi, I'm a newbie from Australia, have been digital scrapping on and off for 2 years now and loving it, although I wish I had more time.

    I joined a free fonts yahoo group, every few weeks they find and then send out a zipped file with lots fonts. Saves me doing all the work.

    Here is the link if anyone is interested in joining.

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    Default Reply to Jo Dee

    Organize my fonts?
    One way I do try to organize is cumbersome and clumsy--and while it took a lot of preparation, and lots of paper and big notebooks--I rarely use it.
    That's to "print" the page
    ---on PC--RIGHT click the font and OPEN--print from there. Then that hard copy goes into a notebook and categorized under tabs by major headings like Handwriting, Script, good Journaling etc--and names like Bold and Blocky (for Freshman font, for example). This method is handy for when I'm combining fonts for word art or something like that --and rather useless otherwise I do TRY to NOTE THE SITE where I got that particular one, too when it's hard-copy filed!

    On my computer they are filed in a main font folder, with sub folders for the same headings (so it relates to the printed example of the font) I have a font folder for each month--then at the end of the month, I move them all to the main folder and the proper sub-folder.

    While I have a HUGE collection of them, my list of installed ones is probably about 300 --and having this many fonts is really unnecessary since I think we mostly fall back to fonts that came with the computer or several we use all the time anyway.

    I've never created the habit of uninstalling a font when I'm through with it, though that might be a plan if you end up with a sluggish response when you are running through them, or trying to use them.

    Remember don't try to install a font with the program open. Installation instructions are on all the font sites.

    AND I'll bet there's a much more efficent way to do it--how do you manage them?

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    Default zipped files

    Do the zipped files work on Macs? I have downloaded several fonts and all that have come in a zipped file don't work for me. However, I don't really know what I am to do with the file once it is on my harddrive. Maybe that's where I am going wrong.

    Do any Mac users know about this?

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    Just Jan Guest


    I use The Font Thing and love it. I find it very user friendly. I have used it to print out a hard copy of all my fonts as well.

    Here are a few sites that I really love.
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