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    I was looking for the Long Island font and looked everywhere and finally found it on a site that I really like. I wanted to share this site with you in case you didn't know about it.

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    Oh, I forgot to ask about a font that Linda uses on her CD. It is the text for "Timothy Lake" and there are two people out in a boat. I love the font she used for "Timothy Lake"...(or it could have been "Lake Timothy") Does anyone know the name for that font?

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    Which CD are you looking at?
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    Default Using Fonts

    Once I download the font files and unzip how do I upload them in PSE? I'm using 5.0. Thanks!!

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    You have to install them in your Windows fonts folder and then start PSE.

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    What is "the font thing"??

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    It is,or at least was back when I downloaded it, a free font organizer. You can go to folders where you have your fonts and install them or uninstall them from it.Then you dont have to have a lot of fonts installed in PS or PSE which can slow down your programs.
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    I have found a free program that lets me install fonts temporarily or permanently. So if I'm not sure I really will use a font more than once, I can just install it temporarily. The program is called Fontviewer and is available at

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  9. Default Fonts

    I use No registeration, no fees. Fonts work great. I hold them on my external and post them into the font folder for windows.


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    Thanks for the link this site is amazing. I use a MAC and often fonts are only available for Windows. Now I just need a project!

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