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    Suezette Guest


    I also use the Font Thing. It's so easy to install/uninstall fonts quickly also and you can look at them easily.
    Plus, now that I know I can turn those dingbats into brushes, I'm even happier that I can catagorize them separately.

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    slwood3 Guest


    Scrapbook Answers magazine had a demo version of some software called Printer's Apprentice. It is great for fonts. You can even print a list of all your fonts. I don't remember which month's disk it was on, but a web search should locate the software. BTW this magazine offers some great digital freebies on its disk each month. It is an awesome magazine.

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    Check out for some really nice ones, too, including a lot of handwriting fonts, which are great for journaling.
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    Ok, I have to ask, what is the Font Thing?:

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    Sokkie Guest


    I love and

    Fonts for peas has lots of handwriting fonts, and I use them a lot for my journaling.
    I also love the fonts from Pizzadude.

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    square8 Guest

    Default Thanks For The Tip

    Thanks for the link to the Yahoo font group. I just signed up because
    it looks like a time-efficient way to add to my font collection.

  7. Default About the Font Thing

    Givenout, the Font Thing is a font organizer that lets you install/uninstall fonts at will (itís a free program, just have to download it).

    It will really slow your computer down when you have too many fonts installed. The Font Thing lets you keep all the font files in folder(s), and download them only when you want, when your finished you just go and click the little icon to unload it.

    HTH - Jo

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    Jo......I've downloaded the Font Thing and I love the way I can now see examples of the fonts.

    My question does this work within Elements. How do you access a font if you haven't installed it in the Windows font file?


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    I think I've answered my own question with this excellent tutorial.

    So I take it that through this program you just install the font when you want to use it and then uninstall it........that would involve closing and reopening Elements though wouldn't it?

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    I've got The Font Thing up and running now. What a brilliant and very useful little program. Thanks for making me aware of it.

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