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    Anyone have recommendations for a font manager? I have vista.

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    I don't use a font management program (I'm not a font junkie), but I think The Font Thing comes recommended by a few. If you do a search of the forums, I'm sure you'll find a couple of recommendations.

    -Trish, Forum Director

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    I used (and loved) the font thing when I had windows XP, however it does not work with Windows 7 so I switched to AMP Font Viewer. It was free and it allows me to temporarily install fonts which was what I wanted a manager to do.
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    I thank you for listing that free font installation software. My font navigator also will not work in windows 7 prof. It was also a font manager--for free.

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    mom2bandc, I started using AMP Font Viewer, and I find it a little confusing. Can you tell me the difference between "View folder/Install list of fonts" and "View folder and installed fonts"?

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    I have the free AMP Font Viewer. I install all of my fonts so I use this software for a quick glimpse of each font when I'm searching for a special look. I create some categories: script, block & bold, children, etc. and that helps me find a font that I want to use.

    This software gives me a large view of each.

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    I've just started using Nexus Font on Linda's recommendation. It works well with Vista.
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    I just installed Nexus, first time I ever used a font manager. The version that installed is I have the instructions Jan did for Week 5 of the Get Organized Now class, but I guess I need more basic info first. I clicked on Help for the program expecting but there is no help like other programs--it's more of a response to the action just performed. I clicked on the website but that was no help either.

    When I first installed the program, the Library showed 447 fonts installed, all showing the Windows icon. When I opened the Fonts folder on my Control Panel, it showed those same fonts. Is that the fonts that are used in all the programs on my computer, or do I have to load the fonts from each individual program? Jan's instructions include a paragraph on how to add font folders to the Library by navigating to a font folder on my PC. Is that what she means--font folders from Adobe, MS Outlook, Word, etc.?

    I've already uninstalled some and am down to 320. Those 107 uninstalled are now in the NexusFont/User Data/Backup folder, so I know I can install them again if I want to. But according to Jan's instructions, fonts don't need to be installed to use them in a program--if they are listed in the Nexus Library, they are available for use because of Auto Activate. I din't see anything that says Auto Activate, and I no longer see the unstalled fonts in the Library. I assume I need to load the Nexus backup folder in order to be able to use them...??

    Maybe I'm just over thinking all this, but I want somebody to hold my hand!
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    I've done the upgrade and everything tranferred without a problem.
    I've noticed that after closing down nexus & then later when I restart nexus my sets & folders I've made no longer have the fonts in them.At first I was dismayed. I have figured out if i click on the name of the set or folder nexus reloads the fonts I put in. Also I think you have to open nexus before opening photoshop/elements for the fonts always to show up because sometimes if I open nexus after I open my program the fonts I've dowloaded show up & sometimes not. or maybe my nexus was just not responding when I noticed this. Not sure.
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    I used some of the free font managers and they worked well. I found installing all the fonts bogged down PSE so I now keep my fonts in a different folder and install as I need them. I don't know how these font managers compare, but I did come across Printer's Apprentice ( and it has worked very well for me with Windows 7. There is a free download, but I don't know if it has a limited time for use before it must be purchased or just a minimum application unless purchased.

    I found it easy to use once I became familiar with its features. It is easy to transfer fonts into the many categories that I have set up. I like the fact that I can view the font as a single letter or in a sentence. There is also a feature for font comparisons.
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