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    I have been wondering about the feasibility of investing in a printer that would do 12x12s, but have been hesitant not having done any in-depth research. From what I am gathering it seems that the trend might be to the 8.5x11 size -- hadn't even thought about considering an 8x8 square.

    If the 8x8 is used, do you just resize the 12x12 templates, papers, etc to the smaller size? That would seem the most logical to do, but wonder if there is some technological aspect that might need to be considered for distortion, proportion and all that good stuff?????

    If you use 8.5x11 -- what is the process for that since a simple resize (if that is the way to do) would definitely be a propblem re proportion, etc??? Most everything is geared towards the 12x12 size from my experience of collecting papers, templates, etc.
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    Hi Lin G, if I print pages from home, I just resize my 12x12 page to 8.5 x 8.5 or 8x8. I preferr the 8.5 size, less triming involved
    I did buy a printer that would print 12x12 pages, but haven't even taken it out of the box yet :0 I think it intimidates me to give it a try. LOL
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    If I'm using elements I have made for my 12 inches pages in my landscape A4 or a smaller square size I never resize the elements without thought. I make all items to a realistic size so no matter what size paper I'm using all the elements wouldn't shrink just because I'm using a smaller sized paper. EG if a staple is 1/2 inch wide then it will be 1/2 wide no matter what paper it is used on in real life. For items that come in multiple sizes like flowers, ribbons etc then I would make a judgment call as to whether to use a smaller size or not.
    So if resizing an element I do each one individually and then rework all shading or detail if required.
    I don't resize any 12 inch backgrounds. I crop a portion off.

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