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    Default Looking for new camera. . .any suggestions?

    My Canon 5 mp camera needs to retire. I think I have worn it out. I want a new one and my price range to spend is $700 to $800. I love my Canon's feature where I can flip the little screen to see my photo in the little window. (I can set my camera on the floor and then flip that little screen to see my object without ME getting down on the floor). So I would definitely want that feature in a new camera. Also, my Canon doesn't take sharp close up pictures anymore. I have had it for 6 years and taken thousands of photos with it. Getting nice sharp close up pics would be another feature that I am looking for. So do any of you have any recommendations?

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    Hi Honeydew...
    Are you looking for a point-and-shoot, or a DSLR?
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    I'm also looking for a new camera. I've been looking into the Olympus Pen series. The version I'm looking at has an adjustable screen and runs for $699 I think. They have interchangeable lenses but not as bulky as a regular DSLR. I also want something that will take sharp pictures as well as good macro. I'm using a Canon G11 right now but it just doesn't do well indoors nor does it keep up with my fast moving grandchildren!
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    I don't want a point and shoot. My Canon is a S1 IS and it has a body like an SLR but I don't think it is one. I really like the feel of my Canon but I just can't get the fast action shots and the indoor photos don't turn out as well either. I was looking in the gallery and saw someones photo of a beautiful butterfly close up with a blurred background---gorgeous. I want my close up photos to be sharp and clear like that too. There are so many types of cameras that I just don't know which ones to consider. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    The only advise i can offer is the fact that lens between different camera companies are not interchangeable.Something to think about! Good lenses are one of the most important part of a camera. so often people who buy extra lens like a good macro lens say for thier Nikon then they stay with Nikon for future camera too.
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    I would go to a camera store and try different cameras out. Does the camera feels good in your hand, buttons and dials are easy to navigate. Surprisingly, even between the same makes, cameras feel differently in your hand. Take a few test shots and zoom in on the photo. When I bought my first DSLR, I eliminated several this way. The camera was cumbersome or the photo quality wasn't up to par.
    I would buy the one that fits your hand the best and offers as many of the features you are looking for.
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    Good advice from Connie!
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    Since you really liked your Canon, take a look at the Canon T3i. I believe that is at the top of the price range you mentioned.
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    I would also recommend the Canon T3i. Very nice camera. Don't think anyone can go wrong with a Canon or Nikon.
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