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    My database was getting a wonky in that it would not let me play my videos although they played fine elsewhere. I tried a new database and they played fine but then I didn't have all my tags but I got them all back yeah! I have been using ACDSee function to save the metadata to the files. Each time I exit it automatically writes my keywords/categories to the files.

    So, what I ended up doing was:

    1) Export my database keyword tree to a text file (this just has the keyword and category definitions but nothing assigned to them.
    2) Rename my database I had been using databaseold so that if I wanted I could make it the default again but in the meantime could create a new database.
    3) Open acdsee so that it starts a new database, and then import the text file so that all my categories are set up.
    4) Catalogue my files making sure to untick the little box that says images only.

    All my files are back and tagged where they belong, including my photos, videos, jpg, psd, png and tiff files. My video errors I was getting have disappeared now that I am working in a new database.

    So, I'm pretty happy acdsee was able to create a new database with all my info since I had been saving the metadata to the files. I have been using the pro version of acdsee for this reason so it is nice to know that it works well. I noticed the new ACDSee 14 now has this feature built in without going pro. I'm fine using pro though since I get non-destructive editing with it as well and the files transfer easily to cs. They are all on sale right now for anyone interested. I tried lightroom on a trial basis but it really drove me crazy that I couldn't see all my documents as I like to tag the pdf files, word docs, video lessons, brushes, fonts etc along with the regular digital supplies. I am so used to seeing everything.
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    Jodi, do you routinely (like once/month) Optimize the database AND backup your database (Create New Database)? If not, it's very important to do this with ACDSee to keep it running smoothly. It's kind of like defragging.

    To Optimize from the Manage window:

    1. Tools>Database>Optimize Database
    2. Click Next
    3. Check both boxes (Optimize the database tables and fields; Remove Orphans from database)
    4. Click Next
    5. Review and click Next
    6. Let run until complete
    7. I think you then have to click OK and ACDSee will automatically restart.

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    Yes, I optimize. My issues started when my toddler came up to me when I was on the computer one day and hit the keyboard and suddenly nothing was working. I'm not sure what he did. I was able to recover mostly but it did not go back to normal. He probably hit a key combination somehow as he has changed our setting etc before without meaning to, lol. I try to stop him from getting on but sometimes he is super quick.
    Jodi, mom of now three beautiful boys
    Took the plunge with Creative Cloud, also have CS5.1
    AcdSee Pro 6 for organizing kits, photos, lessons... - works so well!
    Windows 7, 64 bit, I7-2600 cpu

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