Written instructions for this tutorial are below the video. Enjoy!

How to Load and Use Actions in Photoshop

By Linda Sattgast

All versions of Photoshop

Actions save you time by performing long, tedious, or frequently repeated tasks almost instantaneously by simply clicking a button. In the video I used a set of actions I created that allow you to save scrapbook pages, no matter what size or orientation they are, in your choice of three different sizes for uploading to an online gallery.

If you want to follow along, download the Resize for Gallery action set. (Right click on the link and choose the Save option. The exact wording for saving will vary depending on your browser.)

Download and Unzip

Load and Delete Actions

How to Run an Action

In the video I demonstrated how to run an action on a 12x12 scrapbook page, but you can use any size or orientation of page you desire, or you can use this action on a single photo or image that you want to resize for the web.

This is just one example of what actions can do. For other actions, follow the same steps to unzip, upload, and run them, and enjoy letting actions do the work for you!