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Are Your Heritage Photos Calling To You
From Boxes In Your Garage Or Attic?

Get Peace of Mind By Taking The First—And Most Important Step—Toward Preserving and Displaying Your Heritage Photos!

Watch the Help for Heritage Photos trailer!

Help for Heritage Trailer

In this self-paced class, I’ll show you step-by-step how to preserve and breathe new life into your heritage photos by scanning and fixing them.

And just what is a heritage photo? It’s any photo that needs to be scanned. (I’m willing to bet you have some of those!)

Plan & Scan

If you plan to scan your own photos, you’ll appreciate these invaluable videos on how to proceed so you have the best results! (PLUS avoid disappointment and wasted effort by choosing the right resolution.)

Even if you have someone else scan them, planning ahead will save you time and headaches and make your heritage photo project SO much easier!

Scan your photos!

Lighting & Contrast

Lighting and contrast can be a problem with ANY photo, heritage or digital, but there are definitely problems unique to heritage photos. In this class I cover a variety of remedies, since lighting is not a one-size-fits-all proposition!

By the way, this is one of the few photos of my husband Charlie and me when we were dating. Can you see why I’m so enthusiastic about fixing photos? The original photo is almost unusable!

Contrast and Lighting

Help for Heritage Photos literally saved me! I create DVDs for grieving families to show at funeral viewings, so I don’t have much time to work on the photos. People comment on how good their photos look. It’s a comfort to them at a time when their world is turned upside down.”
Kathy Kent
Malad City, Idaho

Color Correction

Do your photos look a little green around the gills? (Or magenta? Or yellow?) Let the good Doctor prescribe a remedy that will have them looking perky in no time!

I’m so glad I took the class! I was able to repair a lot of old photos!”
Virginia Hodgins
Lac La Biche, Alberta, Canada

Damage Control

Don’t let a rip or a scratch or dust spots or _____________ (fill in the blank) keep your heritage photos from proudly taking their places in your scrapbook! “Scrappers for Fixed Heritage Photos” unite! You (yes, YOU) can fix ’em up so they look like new!

Damage Control

All This, Plus…

I’ve also tossed in some fun fixes that I couldn’t bear to leave out. Trust me—you’re going to love them!

“I totally loved this class! I’ve been “fixing” old photos for years but learned some valuable new information to speed up the process. This class will save me many hours in the future.”
Aleta Korslin
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

Go at Your Own Pace!

Since this is a self-paced, Forever-Access class, you can go at the right speed for you—as quick or slow as you like. I’ve even included a Topical Index so you can find the help you need FAST!

Watch the videos in the classroom or download them to watch on your computer when you don’t have internet handy.

As always, PDF manuals cover all the bases with step-by-step written instructions that follow my directions in the videos. (Great for when you just need a quick reminder of what you’ve learned!)

Sign Up Now!

The investment for this class is only $57.00 with Forever Access to the classroom. (Far less than most doctor visits!)

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Easy-to-understand downloadable videos that show you how to fix your heritage photo problems (taught in both Photoshop Elements and Adobe Photoshop for Windows or Macintosh!)
  • A classroom arranged in sections by remedy so you can immediately find the remedy for your particular photo problem
  • A comprehensive Topical Index linked to the videos
  • Forever Access to all class material and downloads
  • Peace of mind… knowing you’re finally taking the first step to getting your heritage photos out of the boxes in your garage or attic and ready to place into a meaningful scrapbook album that will be passed down from generation to generation!

(Note: Help for Heritage Photos was filmed in the older style version of Photoshop Elements and Photoshop. The class is scheduled for an upgrade, but the techniques work the same in the current versions. As a class member, you’ll automatically receive any updates at no additional cost.)

Learn Digital Scrapbooking

The Doctor is in—and the remedies are waiting for you!

Love and scrapbooking success,

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