Calling All Scrapbookers

For The First Time Ever, Master Artist Michelle Shefveland Reveals The Skill Set, Science, and Art Behind Her Gorgeous “Polaroid Transfer” Prints!

Keep on reading to discover how you can tap into her step-by-step techniques for mastery… and download her personal stash of art that will turn your photos into ready-to-hang-on-the-wall fine art.

In the old days, creating a Polaroid transfer was cumbersome and involved messy chemicals and hit or miss luck.

But all that has changed with the digital age.

Photo Art Blends Class

Renowned photographer and digital artist, Michelle Shefveland, along with her talented daughter, Rachel Shefveland, will lead you step-by-step through the process of creating unique fine art pieces out of your own photography, using their innovative techniques and digital art tools… without the mess, chemicals, and expense!

To Make Great Art You Need The Right Tools!

Michelle and Rachel have included a one-of-a-kind designer art/digital tool collection that will guide you in making beautiful art with your images. It includes:

Photo Art Blend Artistic Bundle

Now that’s a blend kit for success! But just having the right tools isn’t enough, as any artist will tell you…

What? Something More Valuable Than a Killer Blending Art Stash? Yes, Indeed!

With Michelle and Rachel’s help, you’ll learn exactly how to produce your own fabulous art. Don’t think you’re creative? Not to worry. These techniques are so easy and powerful that your photos can’t help but look creative! You’re going to be amazed, and so will your family and friends. Who would have thought art was this fun?

Transfer Art

PLUS! Michelle and Rachel have recorded demo videos of their 4 favorite techniques so you can watch over their shoulders as they explain and show exactly what to do. You’ll be able to download the videos as well as PDF manuals of all the lessons for easy reference.

Here’s what you get in these 10 informative class lessons.

Lesson 1: If you aren’t familiar with the “magic sauce” of blend modes and blending, the first lesson, Blend Mode Basics, will quickly bring you up to speed.

Lesson 2: Create mood on your images using color and light. You’ll do this using some familiar Photoshop and Photoshop Elements features in a brand new way.

Lesson 3: Recreate the look of vintage photos. Michelle has a new twist on this that you’ll find fun and effective! Video Included

Lesson 4: Give your photo a fun retro vibe with this technique that primarily uses color channels. (Yes, this works in Photoshop Elements as well as Photoshop.) Video Included

Lesson 5: What used to be a problem with cameras in the old days—getting light leaks— is now a hot new artistic look. It’s a look that’s easy to create with the set of custom gradients supplied with the class. Video Included

Lesson 6: You’ll get jaw-dropping results when you use the Photo Art Blends included in this class. And you won’t believe how simple it is!

Lesson 7: If you don’t have a lot of time, this lesson is for you! Photo Frames are the fastest way to create art, and they require almost no effort.

Lesson 8: Add depth, dimension, and color to your photos with the Texture Overlays included in this class. As usual, you’ll have step-by-step instructions, but, more important, be prepared to be inspired!

Lesson 9: The Word Art included with this class is the perfect way to add a meaningful sentiment to your photos, cards, art posters, and scrapbook pages. You’ll also learn how to adjust the appearance of the word art to match your photo.

Lesson 10: This lesson will tie it all together by demonstrating how to use multiple techniques on a single  art project to create truly spectacular results. (You’ll see two great photo art examples PLUS a list of Michelle’s favorite handwriting fonts!) Video Included

"Far Better Things Ahead" Art

Horses Art

Get Inspired!

In this class you’ll have access to many examples of gorgeous photo art blends to get your creative juices flowing. You’ll get to peer into the creative photography process used by published photographer and writer Michelle Shefveland. She’s been the Digital Workshop columnist for Somerset Memories Magazine for the past eight years!

In addition, Michelle and Rachel also offer special printing tips and ideas for DIY display projects.

Turn Your Art into Amazing Gifts!

What Have People Said About Michelle’s Previous Classes?

“[Michelle], you were/are a great teacher in every way!”
“It was great to learn your oh, so, simple techniques for making stunning art!”
“Awesome class that has sparked a whole new interest for me.”

Comments From Michelle’s Soulful Silhouettes Class:

"Wow, I can see how this could become very addicting!”
“I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part and learning new skills and techniques. It’s been another WOW! class for me.”
“It has been my absolute pleasure taking this class from you and with everyone else.”

Here Are Just Some Of The Specific “Gems” You’ll Discover In This Unique Class:

Already Good At Blending?

Here’s what Linda Sattgast says:

“I just finished teaching a class about blending and blend modes, and I found that Michelle and Rachel’s lessons contain fresh information and methods I didn’t teach in my class. In fact, I created a ready-to-frame blended wedding photo in minutes using Michelle’s art, and I LOVE how it turned out! In my opinion, the art bundle alone would be worth the entire cost of the class.”

Vintage Techniques

Works on Your Platform with Your Software

Instructions will be given for both Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, and the lessons support both Windows and Mac.

Keep the Course for Life!

This is a “Forever Access Class.” Once you purchase the class, it never expires. You will always be able to access the class information on our website. PLUS, all class lessons, files, and videos are downloadable!

Attention Professional Photographers and Scrap-for-Hire Artists

Kick start your photography or scrap-for-hire business with these cutting edge techniques, art content, and print ideas for your clients.

You can convert the license to Limited Professional Use for just an additional $20!

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Get Instant Access!

Start class today! This is a self-paced, instant access class, so you have the flexibility to enjoy the class lessons as quickly or slowly as you want—or as your schedule allows.

How Much Does the Class Cost?

Your investment for all 10 lessons and Michelle and Rachel’s innovative digital tools and beautiful graphics is only $44 Black Friday Closeout Special: 50% off for $22 with Forever Access to the classroom.

Note: This class will no longer be available after the sale ends Tuesday, Nov 28th.

Learn Digital Scrapbooking

"Happy creating!"

Michelle and Rachel

Michelle and Rachel Shefveland

P.S. This is a must-not-miss opportunity to learn how to turn your photos into fine art. We’re looking forward to helping you achieve greater-than-expected results. Give me access to the class!