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They’ll Light Up With Surprise and Delight
When They Open YOUR Gift

Or they might shed a tear
of heartfelt emotion instead…

Mary Anne had an audacious goal. After joining the Picture Perfect Gift Books class and watching a few videos, she decided to give her husband a very special gift for his 70th birthday—a book called “7 Decades in the Making” that would tell the story of his life.

There was only one problem. Her husband's birthday was only two weeks away, and she hadn’t even started gathering her photos. (Many of them needed to be scanned and fixed, too!)

“I was nuts to think I could get the book done on time,” says Mary Anne. “I’m so thankful for this class. I wouldn't have even attempted such a project without it.”

Mary Anne did finish the book—using templates and tips from the class—just in time for her husband’s birthday. He was so touched that he cried when he received it.

Who Is Your Special Someone?

If you could give a special book right now to someone you love, who would it be?

Makes you smile just thinking about your special person, doesn’t it?

And What Would Your Book Be About?

Gift Book

A Simple Homemade Book
Made A Learning-Challenged Boy Want To Read

I once volunteered to help a friend whose 3rd grade boy named Billy (not his real name) couldn’t read. No books seemed to interest him—especially his school readers.

And then I had a brilliant idea: Help Billy make his own reader, using his own art.

It took some prodding, but Billy finally finished his drawings with my help and encouragement. Then my husband added a cover, which turned it into a “real” book.

Here’s what I wrote in my journal:

“A small miracle! Billy was so proud of his book that he read it to me over and over—around 10 times. He also declared he wanted to read his school readers.”

That taught me a lesson. Never underestimate the power of a personalized book.

Gift Books Aren’t Just For Kids

Teens and adults love them, too.

I gave my young adult children a gift book that makes them laugh every time they read it. Even complete strangers chuckle when they read it. (Any parent or grandparent can create this gem of a book, too.)

I gave a friend my age a gift book for her birthday. It was extremely rewarding to watch her face light up as she exclaimed, “I don't just like it, I LOVE it!”

boy meets girl book

You May Not Need This Class

If you’ve already created lots of amazing books for yourself or others and you have a never-ending flow of new ideas, then you probably don’t need this class.

On the other hand, creative people love hearing new ideas and possibilities for great gift books.

Here’s what a class member wrote after signing up for the Picture Perfect Gift Book class:

“This is such an inspirational class! I love it! I must admit that I was one of those skeptics who thought I wouldn’t gain much from this class, but I went ahead and signed up (because generally, I just love your classes). I was hooked from the Intro lesson. It is SO inspirational. After the first lesson I was already going through old photos and thinking of books I could gift to others.”

Could YOU Make An Awesome Book Someone Will LOVE?

The answer is YES!

My students are knocking it out of the park with the books they’re creating. Some who have never made a book before are on their second or third book.

Others report getting requests for additional copies from family members.

Zoo book

How Is A Gift Book Different From A Scrapbook?

A gift book focuses more on the emotional impact of the pictures and words and less on the page design. This does two things:

That doesn’t mean a gift book is plain or unimpressive. On the contrary—the easier, simpler design is quite beautiful. In fact, I find that my non-scrapbooking friends are more attracted to my gift style books than they are to my “scrapbooks.”

The Perfect Holiday Gift

You can make a book for any occasion or no occasion, but if you're looking for a perfect one-of-a-kind gift for the holidays, this is it—especially for the person who has everything.

Gift Book

When you’re ready to start your own book, you’ll have:

Over 50 Videos Tell You EXACTLY What You Need To Know!

How Much Does the Class Cost?

Your investment for the Picture Perfect Gift Books class $55.00 with Forever Access to the classroom.

Let this class help you create the best gift ever for someone you love!

Forever Anytime Access

This class comes with “Forever Access,” which means your class membership does not expire, and you can log into the classroom at any time of day or night to watch my instructional videos and access and download class material.

If now is a busy time for you, no problem! Get the class now while it’s on sale and work on it later when activities slow down.

All videos and PDF transcripts are downloadable, along with the covers and page templates. Instructions are given for Windows and Mac and will work for any version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

Support when you need it

This is a self-paced class, but you can email me with any class questions now or in the future through a contact link on every page of the classroom.

Are YOU ready to create awesome gift books?

Books that:

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