Create Personalized Cards Now
For The People You Love
And Enjoy Holidays and Special Events All Year

Without Feeling Frazzled Or Stressed

Have you noticed how card-giving events sneak up on you?

All of a sudden it’s the day before your daughter’s birthday or Mother’s Day is almost here and you begin to stress.

Should you take the time to make a personalized card?

Or should you go to the store and buy a generic card?

Hand-made Personalized Cards
Outshine Generic Cards...
Every Time

Nothing says I love, value, and cherish you quite like a handmade card. Putting time into creating something for another person tells them they’re special and cared for.

When I gave a friend a personalized thank you card, she enjoyed it so much that she thanked me for the thank you card!

After I sent my sister a homemade card using a design and colors I knew she would love, she called to say how much she liked it. “I could tell you made it just for me,” she said.

She told me it made her feel special and loved.

That is the power of a personalized card!

Card Demo
Give your family and friends cards they’ll adore…

Card Demo
…and dress them up with matching envelope address labels!

Create All Your Cards For The Entire Year
In 1-3 Weeks

Is it possible to go from being a disorganized, last-minute, frazzled card giver to a calm and caring, stress-free, organized card giver?

The answer is YES!

If you follow my guidelines, you can create all your cards for the entire year in 1 to 3 weeks.

Then you can relax and enjoy holidays, birthdays, and special events without worrying about having a card ready!

Card Demo
Learn ways to make the inside of your card look just as pretty as the front!

Too Busy To Create Cards?
This Class Is For You

I know you’re busy. I am, too. That’s why I streamlined the card making process to save time without cutting quality:

Card Demo
Use your own photos to create beautiful cards.

Not Creative? No Problem!

Whether you’re a complete “newbie” or an experienced card maker, you’ll have plenty of ideas, inspiration, and guidance to create your own cards:

Save Money—And Gain Satisfaction

A printed personalized card usually costs less than a store bought card.

Sometimes a lot less.

And, yes, you can even share your personalized cards via email and online, which makes them practically free.

But more than saving money, I love the joy of giving a personalized card to someone and watching his or her face light up with delight!

You can’t put a price on that.

Card Demo
Make cards that are classy yet add a personalized touch that means so much!

Here’s What’s Included

Forever Anytime Access

This class comes with Forever Access* which means your class membership does not expire, and you can log into the classroom at any time of day or night to watch my instructional videos and access your class material.

All videos and PDF transcripts are downloadable, along with the card templates and art. Instructions are given for Windows and Mac and will work for any version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

How Much Does It Cost?

Your investment to learn how to become a highly organized and prepared card maker is only only $37.00 with Forever Access to the classroom. If you’re like other students who have taken this class, you’ll find that what you receive far out weighs your investment.

Whoo Hoo! I’m actually creating cards for my family and friends ahead of time. Do you know what a miracle that is?! No more locking myself in my office on the day of my daughter’s birthday to finish her card. If Jenifer can turn me into an organized, unfrazzled card giver, she can do that for anyone!
- Linda Sattgast, Portland, Oregon

Are You Ready To Become An Organized Card Giver?

Your family and friends will adore receiving personalized cards from you, and you can relax and enjoy holidays and special occasions all year long!

1 Year Guarantee

100% Risk Free

I take your satisfaction seriously. If you’re unhappy with this class for any reason, just ask for a refund within 30 days, and I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

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Linda SattgastTo your card making success,

Jenifer Juris

Jenifer Juris

P.S. Experience the joy of giving a personalized card—and seeing someone’s eyes light up. You’ll never want to go back to generic store bought cards!

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